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"Friends of Red Cross"


Since 2003, HKRC encourages public to join "Monthly Donation Program". Stable donation income makes our humanitarian works sustainable and we can further develop our services effectively, meanwhile, execute our mission "Protect Human Life, Care for the Health of the Vulnerable and Respect Human Dignity".







Our Volunteers, with ages ranging from 8 to over 90, offer voluntary services of all forms, form backend support to frontline action, in both Hong Kong and overseas.

Intending to bring together a group of ambitious people, apart from regular donations, to share their care and love to people in need while promoting humanity to people around, "Friends of Red Cross"  is found in July 2009.


Currently, we have over 30,000 members in our "Friends of Red Cross"  family. We are looking forward to your participation. Please join "Hong Kong Red Cross Monthly Donation Program", you will then become our "Friends of Red Cross". Your contribution is significantly important to our humanity works.


General Donation will be used to sustain our provision of humanitarian services including blood transfusion service, bone marrow donation, disaster relief and preparedness, first aid and health care training, youth and volunteer programmes, tracing, community care and patient concern services, special education and rehabilitation services.


Click here to join "Friends of Red Cross


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The Hong Kong International Film Festival is one of Hong Kong's largest cultural events, and as all film festivals, this is an event for those involved in the film industry, actors, directors, screenwriters, etc. and film enthusiasts and fans from all over the world.







The countdown to the 47th Hong Kong

International Film Festival (HKIFF47) begins today with the announcement of Aaron Kwok's return as the festival ambassador and the launching of a new key visual.

Reverting to its traditional dates in 2023 after last year's postponement, HKIFF47 will take place from 30 March to 10 April for 12 days, featuring in-person theatrical screenings and events and a bespoke online programme.  It will also mark the return to Hong Kong of overseas filmmakers largely absent from the festival after 2019.


HKIFF47 will reveal its entire lineup in early March in a special media event.

Aaron Kwok re-united with internationally-acclaimed visual artist Wing Shya for a series of photographs to promote HKIFF47.  Reprising his role as the festival ambassador for the fifth year, Kwok said he was keen to reconnect with overseas peers during HKIFF47.  ‘Personal interaction is the best form of communication with the audience and among members of the filmmaking community,’he said.

An upbeat Kwok opined that 2022 was a fruitful year for Hong Kong cinema, with films by many emerging talents performing well commercially and critically.  ‘I am delighted that the industry is on its feet again,’ Kwok said.  ‘As the world moves beyond the pandemic, cinema plays an important role in keeping our hopes high.  Let's keep rolling!’

Meanwhile, top local graphic designer Frank Chan has adopted the iconic egret for the eye-catching HKIFF47 key visual, completing a three-year cycle for the festival featuring avian species commonly found in Hong Kong.  The series started in HKIFF45 with the barn swallow, followed by the tree sparrow for HKIFF46.

‘Egrets are elegant and noble birds, always yearning for a beautiful and natural habitat,’ Chan explained.  ‘They are also a symbol of good fortune......[more


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Today we, ShowGuide88.com are creating a whole virtual street for artistes to open their showrooms to sell such as fashion, accessories....etc with their own brand name.





  • Chinese Opera: a column for publishing and introducing the songs, writing, music, photos and profiles of Chinese Opera actors & celebrities, also posting the latest news for shows and troupes.  

  • Cultural Studio: an exhibition and selling column for celebrities & artistes, including their books, paintings, cartoons, songs, antiques, musical instruments, photographs, etc..

  • Performing Arts School: Introduction column for the courses taught by artists such as singing classes, performing arts classes, DJ classes, drama classes, dancing classes, Cantonese Opera classes, photography classes.

  • Professional School: Introduction column for the courses organized by artists, such as mediation classes, counseling classes, etiquette classes, cooking classes, beauty classes, golf classes.

  • Innovative Place: A place for those who are innovative and have entrepreneurship to sell or displace their products...[GO 



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